Partner With Us


We just want to add value to studies

VATS 24 intends to provide with an overall environment for value addition to studies, where everybody can find a home away from home and nearby reading facilities with a secluded and peaceful environment, so as to ensure a more efficient studying system.

VATS 24 intends to bring the whole country on one platform saving time, energy and money in finding accommodation and reading facilities.

Benefits of "Partner with Us"

  • Business 24*7

    Your business runs 24*7, even when you sleep

  • Income Enhancing

    Helps in enhancing your income

  • Automation

    Provides automation for maximum gains, minimum efforts

  • Management

    Optimized seats/beds management

  • Financial Management

    Financial management made easy

  • Communication

    Communicate with all your customers simultaneously

  • Database Management

    Paperless database management system

  • E-billing

    Facilitates E-billing system

How It Works For Library

How It Works For Hostel/PG

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