• Q1.   What is VATS 24?
    • VATS 24 stands for Value Addition to Studies 24X7. At VATS 24 we intend to facilitate individuals such as working professionals and especially students in saving their time and energy which is otherwise spent in looking for accommodations or reading facilities because no one is stranger to such hassle.

  • Q2.   Why Choose VATS 24?
    • At VATS 24 you not only get a whole gambit of information about your hostel, pg. and library but at the same time you get some information about your peers also all your personnel information is kept private and secure through VATS 24.

  • Q3.   What kind of Information does VATS 24 provide?
    • At VATS 24 platform you can find out the demography of that hostel, pg. and library in real time along with their timings, rules, fee structure. Food chart, holidays for mess and libraries, No. of bed/seats availability etc.

  • Q4.   Can one book a seat in library, online through VATS 24?
    • Yes, and it is very simple too. Just select the library that you want to join and then select the plan that suits you the most, make online payment and voila your seat is booked.

  • Q5.   Can one book a bed in hostel/PG, online through VATS 24?
    • Yes, and it is very simple too. Just select the hostel/PG that you want to live in and then select the room that you want to stay in, make online payment and voila your bed is booked.

  • Q6.   Is one time registration valid for all hostel, pg. and libraries?
    • Yes, once you create your profile and complete it, you can make as many bookings as you want and you won’t have to carry your ID’s everywhere also you wouldn’t be required to fill those annoying forms again and again when you move from one place to another & to top it all, all of your information is kept safe & concealed from everybody else.

  • Q7.   Are these hostel, pg., library maintained by VATS 24?
    • No, VATS 24 is not responsible for maintenance and running of these hostel, pg. and libraries’. VATS 24 just provides you with all the information so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Q8.   How can one get in touch with VATS 24?
    • One can always reach out to us at our contact us page or for any further queries you can E-mail us @ info@vats24.com

  • Q9.   How to List Library, Hostel & PG on VATS 24?

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